04 October 2016

Color Trends for 2017

This is the first of a series about 2017 design trends—color, typography, and web trends.

Kale is Pantone’s number one color pick for 2017. Pantone has an impressive history of color influence and prediction.

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06 June 2016

2016 Logo Trends

Logo Lounge is a great site that publishes the most comprehensive information, samples and trends about logo design. It is a members-only site, and as a Logo Lounge member, you can see an enormous and historic selection of logos, along with analytics.

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08 March 2016

The ROI of Good Design

Humans are visual creatures.
Today your business is open 24/7—365.
We spend our lives staring at screens.

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07 September 2015

Never Stop Learning—Design for Impact!

I am very happy to say that I have learned much more in the last 18 months than in the 18 months preceding. What do I attribute this to? Primarily keeping up with the paradigm-shifting world that we live in, but even more so, to going virtual.

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22 March 2015

The Power of Simplicity in Design

The big question for almost everyone today is always is “how do I get someone to read my site, my ad, my blog?”
Methods for designing and marketing today change rapidly.

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19 July 2014

Embracing Change (and learning to love it.)

I never liked change and some people will tell you that I still don’t. If you read one of my older posts you will see what it took emotionally for me to move out of my beloved office.

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