First we listen. SCG wants to learn about your business and business challenges. What is your marketing strategy? Who is your target audience? What is the end result you are trying to achieve? We will identify who you want to speak to and how best to reach them with our graphic design, web design, marketing, and content development solutions.


Email blast? Banner ad? Direct marketing? Who is your demographic? Could your demographic be aged 20 to 80?
How do they want to be spoken to? Our seasoned professionals know how to communicate with all demographics in all media.


This is the part we love. We are unabashedly old school in our dedication to design, photography, and content development.
We have a Photoshop guru or two. Our copy writers have Madison Avenue experience.
Karen has a Masters degree from Pratt Institute in Communications Design.

We know the intricacies of how to get the reader to absorb the information you want them to read. Fast. Our highly talented team of Madison Avenue-vetted photographers, designers, copy writers (sometimes called content providers) and web developers work together like an orchestra to create compelling, memorable communications for your brand.


Mark Tothill and our development team are coding geniuses. Not only can they code, they are both right and left brain types—creative and logical.

They are both extremely knowledgeable and experienced and they keep up-to-date with the changing web environment.


It’s all about the data today isn’t it? If your site isn’t ranking high in Google, you’re nowhere. That’s where our Google Analytics colleague excels.
His 25+ years experience in both digital and traditional media allows our clients to maximize their SEO investment.


Call or email Spencer Creative Group. We are here to partner with you in delivering your message in the most effective way—whether on paper or in pixels.