Our Services

From concept through completion, Spencer Creative Group delivers the following services.

Web Design- Responsive/Mobile

It is essential that your website be mobile responsive.

In other words, the site should fluidly adapt to whatever device the viewer is using, with no pinching or scrolling.

A website is often a prospect’s first contact with the company and should accurately convey a company’s corporate image and support it’s marketing objectives.

Professional website design must include an exceptional, dynamic visual presence, clear navigation, and compelling content.

Spencer Creative Group offers professional, engaging website design services.

Medical Marketing Design

Medical science is extremely specialized and the competition for the attention of key opinion leaders is high.

In order to succeed, medical marketers and educators must adopt graphic design and marketing strategies that are purposeful and evidence-based, as well as precise, visually dynamic and authoritative.

Spencer Creative Group has more than 25 years experience designing educational and marketing material and publications for the medical community.

Corporate Marketing & Identity

Developing a business’s logo is key when building a corporate identity.

The visual elements that are used in marketing materials (color, font, layout, imagery) offer customers a first look into the business’ character and should accurately reflect the corporate values and attitudes.

Our collaborative approach to business logo development ensures that logos and other branding imagery accurately and effectively represent your corporate identity.

Education Marketing & Design

Attracting students to choose a college demands presentation of the correct perceived image of the academic institution. College is a huge investment in so many ways. SCG has many years of award-winning design experience in higher education.

Luxury Marketing & Design

Luxury product retailing demands high-end design. SCG delivers hard-working design for major luxury brands.

Financial Marketing

Financial marketing must reflect top-notch deliverables and a foundation of trust. SCG has worked with credit-unions to deliver marketing collateral that inspires confidence.

Annual Reports

Annual reports work to build a positive reputation and strong outlook about your company in the eyes of the public, employees, potential business. SCG has a strong background in annual report design.

Banner Ads

We design great looking banner ads that work to get your message across without disturbing the user’s reading experience. We know how to present your message in a favorable, engaging light and increase conversions.

Graphic Design

Our processes, problem solving procedures and graphic and web design principles succeed in communicating our clients’ corporate image and marketing objectives. We achieve exceptional visibility in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

Print Design

We’ve been doing great print design for more than 30 years. We love typography and we really know our stuff!

Marketing Strategy

Your marketing strategy is the roadmap for your marketing campaigns. We’ll guide you from concept through the completed project.

Search Analytics

Our partners at American Interactive Media plans and purchase media, track results and ROI, and specialize in search engine optimization and search engine marketing as well as social media networks implementation.

Content Development

We work with professional writers and copy editors who are trained in particular disciplines. Our content develop experts are extremely well versed the medical, financial, higher education and luxury industries.


People love pictures. And great photography tells a story like nothing else. We have trusted alliances with great photographers, and our Photoshop gurus are at your service. Whether photographing million dollar diamonds or a simple glass of water, our photographer Jonathan Sloane brings his own unique creative vision to the project

Video Services

Our partner VeeKast provides interactive event technology and Pro Video Production The presence of video addresses the important SEO ranking factor: content. Video helps send signals to search engines that your page or site contains rich media relevant to search requests.