The Spencer Creative Group Story #ProFinderContest
06 November 2016

The Spencer Creative Group Story #ProFinderContest

With a Visa card and a joy in my work that was unstoppable, I started Spencer Creative Group almost 33 years ago in my basement, when the Madison Avenue Company where I became an art director at age 25, moved to New Jersey. I was young enough and lucky enough to have confidence in my abilities and an unwavering vision of the firm I wanted to create. This made me persevere, no matter what the circumstance.

When an opportunity allowed me to open a small office in Armonk, I seized it. Taking on the roles of company president, lead graphic designer, production manager, salesperson, receptionist and cleaning crew, I grew the business into an award-winning 8-person creative services firm.

My goal has been to develop an environment where both design excellence and respect for ideas are always encouraged. I created a firm where both employees and clients feel respected, valued, and are encouraged to offer their individual ideas as important, viable contributions to the creative effort

Over the years SCG has worked with such prestigious clients as Pfizer, The Neuberger Museum of Art, Westchester Community College, Montblanc North America, and The New York Blood Center, partnering to achieve our client’s marketing goals through strategy and exceptional design.

I believe that good design isn’t pretty—good design solves problems. Good design is good for business. I am committed to providing high-end, hard-working design solutions and developing lasting client partnerships.

I have been fortunate enough to mentor a number of exceptional interns from SUNY Purchase. Many have gone on to leadership positions in such prestigious firms as Westchester Magazine, The Leukemia Society, and Carl Zeiss.

In 2008, the world changed. Two things happened; many clients had to cut budgets in the down economy and decided that “just good enough” design was good enough. We lost some clients. They moved their work in-house or offshore. Then I found myself sitting alone in my beautiful office as most of my colleagues wanted to work from home.

When my lease ended, I sadly gave up my beautiful office and went virtual.

Now, I wonder why I ever fought the traffic on that drive to Armonk! I love working from home and have a number channel partners that I work with seamlessly, delivering the same high-end work we always have delivered—print design, web design, content development, SEO, analytics, and inbound marketing.

How do I find new business in today’s competitive environment?

  • As a marketer, I work with my LinkedIn connections and I use LinkedIn ProFinder.
  • Keeping my LinkedIn profile up-to-date and publishing content valuable to my audience drives potential clients to find me.
  • ProFinder limits proposal responses to 5 competitors. Prospects have the ability to make a clear choice without being overwhelmed with too many options.
  • Potential clients often have a level of LinkedIn connection with me, which automatically begins to build a level of trust.
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