Embracing Change (and learning to love it.)
19 July 2014

Embracing Change (and learning to love it.)


I never liked change and some people will tell you that I still don’t. If you read one of my older posts you will see what it took emotionally for me to move out of my beloved office. But now that we are working virtually and from a collaborative space as needed, I’m not sure I ever want an office again.

Change Embraced!

About 1988, I was already working on a Mac. It might have been a MacPlus or maybe an SE30 by then. I was still working from home, just before I had my first office in Armonk. We were young and poor and the dryer broke. A big Columbian guy came to fix the dryer. My computer set-up was down in the basement so I was down there working and talking with him. Only a few years before I had been a very successful art director on Madison Avenue, using traditional methods. Old school, no computers, and I was still complaining about the change. And that man said something I will never forgot and I have quoted often. “You must learn to love the computer.” And I did. And I started Karen Spencer Design. Thanks to the dryer man.

Change embraced!

That went well! For about 20 years! The 2008 came and the world encountered a paradigm shift. Many of us have struggled through the past 5 years. But I have finally really embraced where we are and dived in.

A lady never tells her age but this lady of a certain age is learning HTML and CSS and its not bad! And designing for mobile is kind of fun! I found to my surprise that code kind of goes right back to good Bauhaus design principles of less is more, and coding is a lot like designing with type in InDesign or old Quark, which I am really good at and I enjoy. So I was pleasantly surprised. And all of a sudden a lot of things that I was kind of scared of became clear. And now they no longer worry me.

I have a lot more to learn. A lot! And I’m not sure how technical I will really get, But I am definitely learning more and more about the “inside” of the web and web marketing. Its changing every day, even though the guiding principals of good design and good marketing still remain in place.

Change Embraced!

If you haven’t tried change recently, give it a go. You might like it!

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