SEO Really Does Matter—A True Story
28 June 2014

SEO Really Does Matter—A True Story

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We all know that SEO really does matter and that finding a good SEO provider and buying good SEO can be like buying snake oil. I had a great SEO provider for many years, and I recommended her to many clients. However Amanda decided to get her MSW and move into social work after practicing SEO for 18 years. A noble and socially positive move. I was busy (aren’t we all) so I decided on my own, thinking I knew a thing or two about web marketing, to take my beloved old site, (a Flash site) and have it pointed to our newer site which is responsive. (Early responsive…we’ll rebuild that in WordPress soon). After a few months, I noticed I wasn’t getting the number of web driven new business calls we usually get. These calls have been steady after so many years of investing in good SEO, in conjunction with the organic rankings from having had the site online for so many years. Although the KSD site was not “masked” , it was not functioning in SEO terms as it should have been. Its hard to know what really happened on the part of my hosting company. But I did my own tests. Its clear that in that short time, we dropped precipitously in the rankings. The phone did not ring and the email ad inquiries did not come in as they usually do. Be alert and vigilant about your public profile and SEO endeavors! I had always done this. When I had looked away bad things happened. The happy ending is that I have put the KSD site back up. I may replace the Flash files with HTML 5. Amanda is back on a part-time basis to help rebuild our links and get our rankings back, and I have found a new, local, SEO/SEM partner to recommend to clients, who is very knowledgeable. Its all about the rankings!

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