SCG Can Make You Mobile!
23 September 2014

SCG Can Make You Mobile!

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Responsive Web Design

Think mobile first!

60 percent of internet access today is mobile. SCG is designing responsive websites.

A responsive website has the ability to display on a wide range of devices, from desktop to laptop, to smart phone or tablet, with minimal scrolling and optimal viewing.

Update: 11/3 /14–Just launched

We created this site for ERP Resource Professionals. It is truly responsive and I am very proud of it. I designed it and Mark Tothill developed it.

Some interesting statistics on mobile:

• In 2012 75% of Consumers wanted mobile-friendly sites

• Mobile opens have increased by 400% since 2011

• Over 50 %of emails are opened on a phone

• 55% of mobile customers are ready to purchase within an hour

• 83% purchase within a day

• Mobile customers visit a site an average of 6X

• Mobile customers have spent an average of 15 hours researching on their phones

• 35% of people go online only via mobile

Below is an excellent example of a responsive website designed and developed by our programming partner Big Ripple Multimedia. Take a moment and use your mouse to see how it automatically responds to tablet and phone size.

SCG has 2 more responsive websites in the works. I will post them very soon.

And in the true fashion of the cobbler‘s children going shoeless, I will be redesigning my SCG site to be truly responsive this Fall.

Stay tuned and consider taking advantage of our 10% Off offer.

SCG can make you mobile!

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